Lesson #2

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In the USA, all pilots must file a flight plan prior to departure. The Federal Aviation Administration’s standard flight plan is linked below:

FAA Flight Plan

Flight Plans request standard information including:

  • departure and arrival locations
  • expected time en route
  • substitute airports (if needed in case of emergency)
  • Instrument Flight Rules or Visual Flight Rules type of flight
  • data about the pilot
  • number of people on board the flight
  • aircraft information

In South Africa, pilots can complete the International Civil Aviation Organization flight plan:

ICAO Flight Plan

Why do you think that these forms are similar or different?

Come to the Aviation Learning Center on May 13 at 3:00PM and complete your ICAO flight plan for a flight between Cape Town International Airport and Tswalu Airport. Then hop aboard one of our flight simulators to pilot your own DHC Beaver between these two unique airports.

The Great Africa Air Safari