Part 4 – Rounding the Cape of Good Hope

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We elected to do our shakedown flight around the Cape of Good Hope – never imagined  making that statement. I grew up reading stories of the ancient mariners rounding the Cape of Good Hope on their way to the spice islands and other points east. The first european to round the Cape was the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias 1488, who named it the “Cape of Storms.”  Evidently this name proved to be a poor choice from a marketing perspective, so Pope John II later renamed it The Cape of Good Hope.

Saturday morning dawned clear and sunny, with gale force winds of, well, 2 knots. We managed to escape the Cape Town airspace while only mildly annoying the air traffic controllers, and had a glorious flight around Cape Point.

The Beavers are assembled and running, and we are all set to start the Safari tomorrow morning.

One thought on “Part 4 – Rounding the Cape of Good Hope

  1. Doug Tolmie

    Best wishes to Doug, Dave and Mike for a safe, enlightening and inspiring adventure in a land I truly hope I get to visit someday. I look forward to having you three bring this adventure to life through your experiences and stories.


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