The 43 Flight School

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We visited the 43 Flight School in Pt. Alfred, which turned out to be a world class operation. The original 43 Air School opened in 1942 as part of the Joint Air Training Scheme during World War II. Approximately 100 aircraft, mainly Avro Ansons and Airspeed Oxfords, were used to train navigators, bomb aimers and gunners.

Today, a team of  professionals with extensive operational experience (airline, military and commercial) provides training of an international standard to some 300 airline, military, corporate and self sponsored students from around the world.

Most notable were all the great aviation witticisms posted around the campus. Here a few:

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One thought on “The 43 Flight School

  1. John Deal

    This list really made me laugh. Your pictures of your trip are great and can’t wait to see more. Fly safe.



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