The Innocence of Youth

December 17, 2019

In Part II of his interview with World War II veteran Jim Marich, High Schooler Steven Hanley asks about bailing out of aircraft and other life-or-death situations. They also discuss the emotional toll of the war, and how Jim’s volunteering at The Museum of Flight helped him find healing and peace with his experience as a B-29 flight engineer.



In 2020, The Museum of Flight commemorates 75 years since the end of World War II with a series of events and exhibits. Learn more about the World War II experience at the Museum and plan your visit to us here.

Jim tells his story regularly on Thursdays as part of The Museum of Flight’s daily Storytelling Program, free with paid admission. See this month's stories here.

Jim has also recorded an extensive Oral History with the Museum as part of the Michael and Mary Kay Hallman Oral History Collection. You can access Jim’s full story through our research center. Details available here.


Interviewer: Steven Hanley
Producer: Sean Mobley
Webmaster: Layne Benofsky

Topics: WWII, Storytelling, Pacific, B-29

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