The Only B-29 Sunk by a PT Boat

December 3, 2019

Jim Marich, World War II veteran, will tell you he’s lucky to be alive.

In today’s episode, he shared the story of the time his B-29 ran out of fuel and went down in the middle nowhere of the Pacific Ocean. This is a story he enjoys telling, and when asked about it he’ll tell you with a wink that the story never changes, except that each time the sharks seem to get a bit bigger. This interview was conducted part of The Museum of Flight’s High School Outreach program, by High School Freshman Steven H. This internship was designed to help high schoolers hone their interviewing and public speaking skills, and their digital technology competency.



In 2020, the Museum of Flight commemorates 75 years since the end of World War II with a series of events and exhibits. Learn more about the World War II experience at The Museum of Flight and plan your visit to us here.

Jim tells his story regularly on Thursdays as part of The Museum of Flight’s daily Storytelling Program, free with paid admission. See this month's stories here.


Interviewer: Steven H.
Producer: Sean Mobley
Webmaster: Layne Benofsky

Topics: WWII, Storytelling, Pacific, B-29

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