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Alone Among the Stars

What’s it like to drift from planet to planet, exploring the universe? In today’s episode of The Flight Deck, you get to do just that. Host Sean Mobley invites you to take a break from the hustle and bustle for a few minutes as he leads you through a game of Alone Among the Stars, a journaling game where you play an intergalactic explorer chronicling their adventures through a series of writing prompts. Imagination is at the core of science, so remember to practice imagining from time to time! You never know what discoveries it will lead to.

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Link to Alone Among the Stars. This solo role playing game by Tamuka Okada is available under a name-your-price model. If you enjoyed this style of game, make sure you check out their other offerings. There’s even a version you can play in your browser!

Link to license information. This episode was produced with permission from Takuma Okada under the terms of their ACAC License.

Link to Dava Newman episode. At the start of this episode, we reference a recent interview with Dr. Dava Newman which included a discussion about science and creativity. Take a listen!

Link to Night Witches episode. If you are interested in the behind-the-scenes of game design, check out this interview from the podcast’s archives with Jason Morningstar, who created a role playing game based on the real history of the Night Witches, Soviet women who flew raids over the Nazis during World War II.

Link to Before There Were Stars episode. If you’re looking for more imaginative content, take a listen to this episode from last year, where host Sean Mobley and a team of space educators gathered to create mythologies based on constellations, while talking about the role of storytelling in science.

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