Fighter Aces - In Their Words

August 7, 2018

The American Fighter Aces Association preserves the memories of pilots who have sacrificed bravely for their country, and the Museum is home to its collection of artifacts and stories, including the oral histories of numerous pilots we’ve interviewed. In this edition of our Personal Courage series, we sit down with digitization specialist Ali Lane to listen to highlights from oral histories of three pilots—Gregory A. Daymond, Harold E. Comstock, and Louis William (Bill) Chick, Jr. We learn how a visit to Bavaria in 1939 inspired Gregory Daymond to join the RAF before the United States entered WWII, and we hear Bill Chick recount an awkward meeting with an enemy pilot years after the war, who told him: “Sir, I think you shot me down!”

Browse all of our American Fighter Aces oral histories on our archives website, and learn more about how AFAA works to preserve the legacies of pilots who sacrificed it all to protect our country:


Host: Sean Mobley
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Topics: Fighter Aces, WWII, Personal Courage, Storytelling

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