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Squiggles in the Sky

This episode takes a break from talking aviation and space history to have a conversation with someone making history right now. Bryné Hadnott, a science writer and founder of Space Out STEM. With a career that has ranged from hard space science to historical writing, Bryné is a rising star in the aerospace and science fields. Fortunately for The Museum of Flight, she’s also a mentor for the Michael P. Anderson program, a free education opportunity for students from underserved communities named in honor of Michael P. Anderson, an African-American astronaut who was killed Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. In our conversation, Bryné and I talked about her journey to study the stars through the maze of academia, the science fiction that inspires her, and the importance of community and resilience in the face of adversity.

You can explore the Museum’s robust education programs at If you’re specifically interested in the Michael P. Anderson program, here’s a link directly to that program’s page:

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Follow Bryné Hadnott’s work at her website, https://www.bryné She also sent along this list of people of color doing great work in STEM. Check them out!



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