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A Family Story

We think of history in terms of grand, sweeping events and often forget that actual humans are at the center of it. Today’s episode reminds us that people drive history, everyday people like you and me who are swept up or have to react to these larger events. The discussion centers around Mike Caputo, a World War II B-24 Navigator, and his daughter Yvonne, the woman who helped him open up about the wartime experiences he’d hidden deep inside. While helping her father document his story in his own voice, she forged a stronger connection with him that she carries even today after he’s passed away.

Learn more about Yvonne Caputo’s book Flying With Dad here.

Explore our new exhibit Untold Stories: World War II at 75 during your next visit. Details here.

The Collings Foundation, which visits The Museum of Flight as part of its circuit, is home to the B-24 Witchcraft, which Yvonne flew on during one of her own trips to The Museum of Flight. Learn more about their work here.

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Interested in capturing your own family’s story? Check out these resources from the National World War II Museum, the University of Florida, and the Oral History Association.



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