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An Interview with a WASP

96-year-old Betty Dybbro was fortunate enough to spend one year as a WASP (Women Air Force Service Pilot) during World War Two, and in order to tell her story, we enlisted Katherine K. and Nithi B., two members of Amelia’s Aero Club who participate in aviation and aerospace activities at the Museum.

 They ask Betty about growing up in rural Indiana, her very first flight, and what she felt when she first heard the news about Pearl Harbor. Betty loved her time as a WASP and calls it “the most pleasant year of my life,” (even though she wasn’t a fan of all the rules WASPs had to follow). And as an experienced woman pilot, Betty gave the Amelia’s girls some advice on becoming a pilot: “Just go for it. Fly as much as you can, in different airplanes, too.”

If you want to learn more about WASPs, stop by our Personal Courage Wing to see photos and artifacts of the brave women who flew during WWII.


And if you know a middle school girl who loves all things STEM and aviation, check out Amelia’s Aero Club and attend the next event.


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