Do Airplanes Have Keys?

June 12, 2018

This week we talk to Kevin Gordon, first officer for Alaska Airlines, who graciously answers questions that our listeners have submitted via social media. Do a pilot’s arms get tired after flying all day? And can they watch movies during their flights? Gordon answers these queries and explains that the titles captain and first officer, which many mistake for pilot and co-pilot, stem from military traditions and denote levels of responsibility in the cockpit. The captain is first in charge, and the first officer holds secondary responsibility for the aircraft. Gordon also offers some advice to those with a fear of flight. When white-knuckle flyers approach him and confess their fears, he says this: “I know I just met you, but I like you already, and I love me; so, I’m going to make sure I get me there, because I want to see my family. You’re going to be just fine.”



Want to get your own up-close aviation experience? Head to our Alaska Airlines Aerospace Education Center, where you can enjoy hands-on aviation activities, including doing a pre-flight check on our own Cirrus SR20.

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