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Building an Exhibit

On the eve of a New Year, join host Sean Mobley on a trip behind-the-scenes on the making of an exhibit at The Museum of Flight. Two unassuming display cases outside Wings Café at the Museum contain one of the most looked-at exhibits on the whole campus; the rotating display put together by the NorthWest Scale Modelers. 

A combination of the prime location of the exhibit at a popular crossroads within the Museum, the constantly changing display, and a human fascination with shiny small things makes this exhibit consistently popular with visitors. Follow volunteer curator Tim Nelson and Exhibits Graphics Designer Mandy Faber and a cadre of others as they take an exhibit idea from dream to reality.  You can check out the model exhibit, “Now Boarding – The Birth of Air Travel,” at The Museum of Flight from now through May 2020. Plan your visit today here.

Interested in models? Join us for the NorthWest Scale Modelers Show all weekend February 15th and 16th. Learn more here. 


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