Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

September 4, 2018

Did you know that 75% of the world’s blindness can be cured, and 89% of those cases occur in low to middle income countries? The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital works to decrease preventable and curable incidents of blindness with its mobile operating room and teaching facility.

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital started in 1982 with a DC-8 plane that flew to locations around the globe that are in desperate need of basic eye treatment for preventable and curable conditions. Now, Orbis boasts an MD-10 outfitted with an operation room that can be set up and sterilized in 6-7 hours, and that can serve as a teaching hospital for doctors to learn procedures that they can implement in their own communities.

This week we interview Dr. Hunter Cherwek, who joined Orbis as soon as he completed medical school and hasn’t looked back since. He calls the plane “an engineering masterpiece both in healthcare and training and teaching.” And at the end of each day, Cherwek knows that his work with Orbis is making a difference.



Did you know that the Museum offers special tactile tours for individuals with vision impairments? Get more information here.


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