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Canadian Identified Flying Objects

You may know Alexander Graham Bell for his telephone, but did you know he had a hand in some of the most bizarre, strange-looking experimental aviation designs? Today’s episode is a chat with Museum of Flight Curator Matthew Burchette (of “Curator on the Loose” fame) about these bonkers designs and the adventure of experimentation in the early days of contemporary aviation, when hopeful engineers had bold visions, big ideas, and incorrect understanding of aerodynamics as they put together design after unique design in hopes of being the first to build a successful engine-powered airplane. These designs need to be seen to be believed!



Explore the designs of Alexander Graham Bell and the Aerial Experiment Association in The Museum of Flight’s Digital Collection at this link.

Enjoy seeing artifacts that aren’t on display? Check out The Museum of Flight’s Collections Instagram page for more artifacts, from the bizarre and silly to the serious and sentimental, by following this link.

Next time you visit The Museum of Flight, stop by The Birth of Aviation, an exhibit located in the Museum’s Red Barn, for more on early designs. Follow this link to learn more.

In the meantime, check out Matthew Burchette and his “Curator on the Loose” videos, bringing the Museum right to you, on YouTube here.



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