Meet an R2-D2 Builder!

July 24, 2018

Bob Jacobson, R2-D2 builder extraordinaire, claims that he wasn’t always into engineering, but the process of building his droid forced him to learn some basic and advanced techniques.

 Our host caught up with Jacobson at the Museum’s R2-D2 Builder’s Expo, held every year in the spring. Jacobson and his R2-D2 were game for all of our questions, like what inspired him to pursue R2-D2 building and what he really thinks of BB-8. You’ll also be surprised to hear about the impact Jacobson’s R2-D2 have on the kids who meet them at expos. But you won’t be surprised at how Jacobson describes his favorite droid: “R2-D2 is funny, smart, loyal, and kids love him. He’s a golden retriever made of metal!”



Don’t miss our next R2-D2 Builders event! Check our Calendar page in March 2019 to see when you can meet your favorite droid; and, if you love Star Wars, you’ll love exploring our Space Gallery!

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