Featured image: A vintage photograph of Hank Davis, a flight surgeon, standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier in his full Navy dress uniform, smiling for the camera in the bright sunshine. Grey-painted jet fighters line up behind him. - Read full post: Stranger Than Fiction - Stories From A Flight Surgeon Part II

Stranger Than Fiction - Stories From A Flight Surgeon Part II

Picture this: You’re a doctor on an aircraft carrier. You’re awoken and told of an emergency on the lowest decks of the ship. You rush down staircase after staircase and find a sailor, his legs crushed by an elevator that’s stuck. You need to amputate or he’ll likely die. You don’t have time to go get your full kit. All you have on you is a pocketknife. This was Hank Davis’ reality, as he shares in this second part of his conversation with host Sean Mobley. In honor of the new temporary exhibit at The Museum of Flight, Stranger Than Fiction: The Incredible Story of Aerospace Medicine, Hank shares this and other stories from his time aboard the USS Coral Sea.



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Check out information about the new temporary exhibit Stranger Than Fiction, including events, programs, and tickets at this link. You can see Hank Davis’ objects on display almost immediately upon entering the exhibit.

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