Featured image: A vintage photo of Lynda Eck in a blue United stewardess uniform. - Read full post: Stories From a Stewardess

Stories From a Stewardess

If you’ve shopped in the Museum’s store, Lynda Eck may have helped you with your purchase. Before she started working here at the Museum, however, Lynda had a 35-year career flying with United, first as a stewardess, then as a flight attendant. She joins host Sean Mobley for a conversation about her career chock full of stories from the friendly skies.

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Link to Mary Hoy episode. Mary Hoy also served as a stewardess for United Airlines. Check out her interview in this episode from the archives.

Link to Lynda’s blog post. Check out some of the photos Lynda shared from her time with United, along with some other stories she didn’t get into on the show.

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