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The Astronaut Image

Apollo 12 Astronaut Pete Conrad has a lot to live up to. NASA’s idea of the astronaut image meant that the astronauts needed to conform to specific ideas of the ideal American. Nancy Conrad, Pete’s wife, talks about her late husband and all the Apollo astronauts who had live the “astronaut image,” at least publicly, and how that impacted their lives and the lives of the people around them. This interview was conducted part of The Museum of Flight’s High School Outreach program, by High School Junior Eleanor L. This internship was designed to help high schoolers hone their interviewing and public speaking skills, and their digital technology competency.

Nancy Conrad participated in the grand re-opening of The Museum of Flight’s Apollo Exhibit this weekend. Learn more about the Conrad Challenge, issued to students between ages 13-18 here: conradchallenge.org

See artifacts from Pete Conrad’s life and space missions in The Museum of Flight’s newly re-opened Apollo Exhibit. Plan your visit at MuseumofFlight.org

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