Featured image: Astronaut Wendy Lawrence sits for her official crew photo. A model of the Space Shuttle sits on her right, and an American flag on her left. - Read full post: Astronaut Wendy Lawrence

Astronaut Wendy Lawrence

Former NASA Astronaut Wendy Lawrence is a veteran both of the Untied States Navy and four NASA Space Shuttle missions – including the Return to Flight mission following the Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster. In today’s episode, she talks about how she had to stop thinking of Russians as Cold War enemy and start thinking of them as space-bound allies, how she mapped out her future into space as a teen, and the perspective that astronauts gain when they’re out there among the stars.


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Link to Wendy Lawrence’s full oral history. Wendy’s oral history is one of many fully digitized and available on line as part of the Michael and Mary Kay Hallman Oral History program.

Wendy Lawrence’s crewmate on STS-86, Scott Parazynski, was the guest on the first ever episode of The Flight Deck. If you’d like to hear his space stories, follow this link to Scott’s podcast episode.


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