The Spacewalker

March 13, 2018

Episode 1:

What’s it like repairing a billion-dollar solar panel while hurtling 4.67 miles per second through space? Our guest this week, Scott Parazynski, shares the answer with us as we discuss his experiences as an astronaut, mountaineer, and physician to aerospace icon John Glenn, who he likes to describe as a “space rookie.” A former Eagle Scout, Parazynski understands that accomplishing huge goals—like being an astronaut and climbing Mt. Everest—is the result of completing small steps along the way. Parazynski also explains why it’s worth it to pursue space exploration: “It’s our human destiny to be explorers, to push the boundaries of what’s possible.”


Think you can match Scott’s space skills? Visit our NASA Full Fuselage Trainer to find out, and get his full story by reading The Sky Below.



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