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Another Space Toilet Episode

It’s common to hear a visitor to The Museum of Flight wonder how astronauts go to the bathroom in space. Today is the continuation of a conversation with Museum of Flight staff member Brenda Mandt, who spearheads the tours of the Museum’s NASA Space Shuttle Full Fuselage Trainer, where she talks about modern space toilets on the Space Shuttle and on the ISS. She also talks about what did and didn’t about toilet and personal care needs when women joined the US space program. As with the previous episode (which you can listen to here), this is a frank and honest conversation about toilets and what goes in them, so listen to learn more but maybe not while you’re snacking. 

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In the episode, Brenda refers to the Mercury 13 and the WASP program. Check out a previous podcast episode about the Mercury 13 program, a shadow space-training program in the 1950s which involved getting American women to space here, and about the WASP women who flew for the military in World War II here and here. 

Walk around the Museum’s NASA Full Fuselage Trainer without leaving your home! Check out our full 3D VR scan of the trainer here. Can you find the toilet?  


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