"Still A Jedi At Heart," a Star Wars Reads Day Finalist



Posted Tue, October 30, 2018
By Aubrey Jane Moore

Each year, enterprising young authors submit stories that reimagine the Star Wars universe to our Empire Writes Back! Writing Contest, and we're dedicating a few blog posts to the winners. Here's Aubrey Jane Moore's version of Luke Skywalker visiting Obi-Wan for Jedi training. 

In a galaxy far, far, well, really far away a father and son found themselves once again butting heads. In the Death Star, over chewy pancakes, Luke and his Dad Vader were starting their day with an argument about the day’s events. “Luke there is no way you are going to Obi-wans Jedi School, how embarrassing for my only son to be the captain of the Rebellion Army,” Darth Vader declared.  “I want to be a Jedi when I grow up,” Luke begged. “There’s only room for the Dark Side in my house” Vader bellowed. “I hate this” Luke announced.” Yes, Son use your hate” Vader encouraged. “Dad seriously green sabers are better for the environment” Luke grumbled with protest.” If you stay here, you can have all the Sith Sodas you want” Darth Vader bargained.” You can’t tempt me, a good Jedi never gives into temptation,” Luke pointed out.

“Well, Han Solo goes to Obi-wans School all the time,” Luke complained. “You shouldn’t play with Han, but fine, you can go.  I’ll fly you to Obi-wans, but only if tomorrow you agree to attend Kilo Wren’s dark side class. Darth Vader declared. “But I’m taking you in the Tie-fighter so we can listen to The Empire Strikes Back audio book.”

As they arrived at Obi-wans, Vader was asked for his parent password to drop off his son. “Let the Sith have revenge” Darth Vader declared. Obi-wan then appeared wearing sandy robes and a brown belt. Obi-wan warmly welcomed his new pupil to class. First, they colored pictures of Yoda. Then Obi wan told the story of Princess Amidala and Jar-jar while they ate cookies shaped like a light-sabers. Afterwards they played a game of Rebels and Sith . Around two it became free time. Outside Han and Luke played lightsaber tag using sticks to fight.  Humming the sound effect of a light saber, Han lunged forward and claimed victory for the Rebels.

Finally, it was time for Jedi training.  Obi-wan passed out the light sabers to the students. They got in a line and the junior Jedis took turns slicing a straw bale in half. It was Luke’s turn next. “I’m so excited” he burst out. “Be careful” Obi-wan warned. Zzzz the saber glowed and vibrated in his hands. “Wow” Luke swung it wildly around. “Zzt” there went Obi-wans beard. The beard fell on the floor in a heap. “Well I’ve been wanting a trim” Obi-wan pronounced amused. Then it was time to be picked up. “Let the Sith have revenge,” Vader thundered at parent pick-up. Then father and son zoomed away in the Tie-Fighter.  “How was your day Luke? Vader inquired on the flight home. “It was amazing, Han and I played Jedi together,” Luke explained.  “Kylo Wren emailed me today and said he was excited to see you in class tomorrow,” Vader countered. “I’ll go, but I’m still a Jedi at heart!” Luke retorted.

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