"Yoda's Story," a Star Wars Reads Day Finalist



Posted Tue, October 30, 2018
By Hazel Richards

Each year, enterprising young authors submit stories that reimagine the Star Wars universe to our Empire Writes Back! Writing Contest, and we're dedicating a few blog posts to the winners. Here's Hazel Richards' interview poem about the mysterious origins of Yoda. 

First of all, where did he come from?

     I think he came from Tatooine because he looks kind of dry and wrinkly.

And what is he? Some type of alien thing?!

     I don't know. But I know he's a funny green guy. 

Now what in the world does he eat?

     He eats fruit, veggies, meat, orange peels, banana peels. 

     He might eat sand. 

Why did he go to Dagobah?

     Because he's green and slimy. 

And where does he get food?

     He runs to the market and steals it. 

What does he clean his house with?

     A broom. 

Were there trees in Tatooine? I wonder what fall and winter felt like. 

     I think it was kind of warm and there were no trees. 

Does he have other clothes besides what he wears?


Was Yoda born from an egg?


Which holidays does he celebrate?

     Thanksgiving and April Fool's Day. 


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