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The Missing Million: Part Two

December 7, 2021 / plane, Seattle, fun, Conspiracies, Pacific, Air Travel

In the conclusion to a two-part series about the mysterious DB Cooper, this episode picks up the story from its cliffhanger ending in Part I, with Museum of Flight Docent Mike Burns sharing the events in the aftermath of the hijacking, the aircraft involved in the search for Cooper, and the theories that persist even to this day about the true identity of the missing criminal.

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The Missing Million: Part One

November 23, 2021 / plane, Seattle, fun, Conspiracies, Pacific, Air Travel

This episode comes out on the brink of a major anniversary here in Seattle. 50 years ago tomorrow, November 24, on the eve of Thanksgiving, a man known only as DB Cooper boarded a plane in Portland headed for Seattle. What followed is a tale of danger, extortion, and hundreds of thousands of missing dollars - over a million in today's money. Host Sean Mobley sat down with Museum of Flight docent Mike Burns to get the story.

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Link to the Boeing 727. Explore the type of aircraft that DB Cooper hijacked.

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